Worship Training

With over 25 years of worship leading experience, Justin & Michelle want to encourage your worship team, give practical tips on leading, and help you connect with your congregation. Through an engaging and informative workshop,  Justin and Michelle will teach about worship, how to lead people in worship through song, the roles on the team, how to pick songs and create set lists and much more!

Options for Training:

1) One Night Workshop:
Justin and Michelle will take one evening to discuss the roll of the worship team, give practical tips for leading and give examples of how to create a cohesive set list. They will spend time with your team encouraging and sharing their passion for leading worship. 

2) One Night Workshop + Leading Sunday Morning
Justin and Michelle will spend one day with your team in discussion, giving practical tips and helping the team understand their roll on the team and in the worship service. They will help create a setlist with your team, rehearse with them and lead at the Sunday morning worship service. 

3) Justin, as a guest worship leader, joins your worship team to: 

  • encourage them as leaders and teach how to connect with the congregation
  • helps lead in choosing songs to support the theme/lesson
  • runs a focused, team-building rehearsal
  • leads the service with your team


Using our original Praise and Worship music:

1) FREE chord charts available for download - we write the songs for your to use!

2) Lyric Videos available for purchase

3) Do you have a scripture or theme you need a song written for?
     Contact Justin about writing a song just for you!