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It all began in 2011with a nudge from Michelle to Justin..."write a song based on Joshua 1:9 for this weekend". He did.  It was a cute, catchy tune that the kids LOVED!  Shortly after, Gabi had two friends, Sadie and Jaxon, who were diagnosed with cancer.  Through their fight these two families clung to this verse and this song.  It became their fight song through their journey.  Quickly they shared it with their friends in treatment and word began to spread.  Two years later we had donated hundreds of our "Live to Love" CDs with the song "Strong and Courageous" and it was obvious God had dropped a new ministry in our lap.

In 2013 I Am COURAGEOUS was created.

In that year we created an "I Am Courageous" CD that is solely donated to these precious fighters.  It includes 7 original songs from Justin Graves Band that encourages these kids and their families in their fight.  Along with the CD we also have a purple, reusable IAC bag we send filled with encouraging items that will brighten their room and lift them up through their fight.  Some of the items include an IAC key ring and spirit sticks, a giant I Am Courageous wall banner and IAC lion (all donated by Spirit Monkey) and an IAC pillowcase and fabric markers to brighten their bed and show their personality, Our whole intent through this ministry is to bring bright, happy, encouraging things into their lives to remind them how special they are and encourage them to keep fighting.  We know first hand that these kids fight harder when they feel that there is hope and we want to bring that hope through these items.

If you know of a child age 0-16 who is fighting a life-threatening illness or disease please
 fill out the form BELOW and we will send a bag right away!

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