It all began with an encouraging song about being BRAVE, STRONG & COURAGEOUS! Shortly after putting this song on our CD “Live to Love,” Gabi had two friends who were diagnosed with cancer. Through their fight these two families were encouraged by this song. It became their fight song through their journey. They began to share it with their friends in treatment and word began to spread. A few years later we had donated hundreds of our CDs with the song "Strong and Courageous" to kids fighting life threatening disease and it was obvious God had dropped a new ministry in our lap. In 2012 I AM COURAGEOUS was born.

We created a special "I Am Courageous" CD full of Christian songs that was donated to fighters around the world. Our purpose is to share uplifting and encouraging music with these fighters and their families. As our ministry grew, we found it difficult to distribute our CD to a wide audience due to religious content. We understood this limitation and sought to create a product that would still encourage and uplift without restriction. As we put this project in motion we discovered a new challenge. CD's are old school. In order to remain current in a digital world we decided to create a branded I Am Courageous lion keyring which includes a tag with a QR code that, when scanned, will access a playlist and allow the user to listen for FREE. We were able to find a manufacturer to create this product at a great price and went to work recording the music. We, as a family, are so encouraged by the excitement of this ministry and are energized by the fact that while we may not be able to heal these kids, we can use what we know to bring a smile and joy into what can often be a dark time. Music is a powerful tool that can help calm, encourage, distract and uplift. MUSIC has healing power!

Thank you for reading about our I AM COURAGEOUS ministry. If you would like to partner with us and help support this ongoing ministry please click here. We see the music making a difference, we hear the stories and we KNOW it is needed.  Will you join us? 

I would like to join the mission to encourage kids fighting life threatening disease through the healing power of music.


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