What is a Soul of Courage?  These are precious fighters who live in the USA, under the age of 18 and fighting a life threatening disease.  We meet them as we travel the country, we hear about them on Facebook through other fighters and the word is slowly spreading.   We are honored to send  bags to them to encourage them through their fight!  Bag includes things like a "Soul of Courage" tee (only available for Souls of Courage!), a teddy bear with an I Am Courageous tee, a pillow case to color (Donated by Jaxon's FROG Foundation), an I Am Courageous CD that has songs to encourage and uplift you, a key ring & spirit sticks with encouraging messages on them....and more.  

These are the strongest kids we know.  These are fighters who will NOT give up.  These kids are our heroes!  We are blessed to know them, honored to share their story and humbled that God has allowed us to have this ministry to encourage them in their fight!

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