Let's say one day you decide to take a road trip, so you plug your destination into your GPS because you are sure that it will guide you there. You soon realize that it knows where you are, where you want to go and how to get there, but it isn't giving you any directions. It just assumes that since you know what your destination is that you know how to get there yourself. It doesn't guide you. It doesn't give you any directions. It just shows you where you are but doesn't tell you what to do.That would make your trip a little difficult wouldn't it?

   Ok, now try this on. How would it feel if someone invited you over to their house for dinner but never spoke to you the whole time? They opened the door and let you in, but then never preceded to greet you or give you any direction about what you are going to do that evening and just assumed you would know what to do. That would feel a little strange wouldn't it?

    Sometimes we do that as worship leaders. We have been preparing all week and know we are doing and where we are headed and we have rehearsed the band so they know the road map of each song, then we get to Sunday morning and forget to clue in the congregation as to what is happening. We just assume they know where we are going and what to do.

   If our job is to lead people in worship, then that is what we need to do, LEAD! It is hard to follow someone if they do not give you direction. This can be done in very simple ways. If you want the congregation to sing with you, tell them! If you want them to clap, tell them to clap (and show them what beat to clap on *wink*)! When you are going to sing a double chorus at the end of a song, tell everyone! You don't have to make it complicated, just say “Lets sing that again!” As the Worship Leader, you are the musical GPS when it comes to the song set in a worship service. It may not feel natural at first, but if you communicate what you expect, and what you want the congregation to do, people will follow! -Side note- It is also a great way to make sure the band, singers and people running the media are also on the same page! 

   Maybe the people in your service have been going to church their whole life and know what to expect or maybe this is their first time; either way, people want to be lead. Don't assume they know what to do!
Don't mute the GPS, turn it up loud so everyone knows where they are going!

AuthorJustin Graves