What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Family Worship”? Do you picture you and your kids sitting around the living room lighting candles and singing Kumbaya? Maybe you see yourself and the family cruising down the highway singing at the top of your lungs. Or visiting a neighbor that is sick? Or even spending time together volunteering at the food bank. How about a dance party that breaks out in your back yard? It could even be the few minutes before bed time that you take and pray together.

If I could ask Lincoln Brewster any question I would ask him "What is your philosophy on leading worship?" I am always intrigued by how other worship leaders lead and what their process is for picking songs, transitions, dynamics etc.  So today I have taken some liberties with Lincoln Brewster's song 'God You Reign' and given you some of my thoughts on how to incorporate this song into your worship set.  I would love to hear your thoughts or the ways you transition between songs, so be sure to leave a comment!

    We have all experienced it. You are hanging out with friends, laughing and joking and talking all about what happened “that one time...” And then it happens. That moment in the conversation where everyone stops talking and no one has anything to say and you all just glance uncomfortably around the room. Yeah...the awkward pause.

    As worship leaders this is one thing that we should try to avoid during the worship service. When we put together a song set and try to create a cohesive worship experience, one of the things that can break the focus is a bad transition...the awkward pause. Since our goal is to create an environment through music for the congregation to experience God, we should try to make our transitions throughout the service as smooth as we can. When a song ends and we take time to turn the page, put on a capo or wait for the click track to start, we are creating a space where people can be distracted or loose focus. Remember, this is a worship service, not a concert, so we shouldn't expect applause at the end of each song.

    There are some very simple ways to make these transitions not so awkward. You can use a musical transition between songs or a brief scripture or story about the next song so that flow of the service is not interrupted. It is also a good idea to work out transitions with the pastor or any other people speaking so that the service has a cohesive flow and is not chopped up or feel segmented. I have a worship leader friend who writes out every transition of the service, from what the band is going to play to what he is going to say between songs, and then they rehearse it so that everyone knows what to expect. I am not suggesting that you have to go to that extreme, but what I am saying is to just be aware of the transitions next time you plan a service! Yes, this is a very small thing to focus on, but it can make a big difference! It will help create transitions that are not so awkward!

    These are some of my thoughts, but I'd love to hear yours! Please leave a comment here or on our FB page www.facebook.com/JustinGravesBand and don't forget to like us while you are there!

AuthorJustin Graves