So, I have really been struggling with my songwriting lately. Thankfully, there is another amazing song writer that lives in my house! Let me tell you a little story about one of our latest songwriting experiences. 

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of leading the worship for First Baptist Frisco's Kids on a Mission Camp. Everyday during their rotation groups the kids had "Band Time". At first we thought we would just hang out with them and play some songs and we would get to know them and they would get to know us and it would just be a fun hang out time. But then Michelle had a great idea. "Let's write a song with the kids this week and we can perform it with them on the last day!" she said.  Oh man, the pressure! Can we actually do that? Write a song finish it and perform it with the kids in 4 days? Ok, let's give it a shot! 

So we started the writing process. Michelle, Timothy (our drummer for the week) and I all sat down in the auditorium to write a theme song for the week. Knowing my recent struggles, I sat there blank and frustrated. So Michelle said "Ok, what about this..." and ripped of the lyrics to a chorus. WOW! That was amazing! We taught it to the kids and they helped us make up the motions and it ROCKED! We then took what the kids were learning each day and Michelle, again, made it fit into a verse that was simple but made each lesson point memorable.

This isn't the first time Michelle has written a song or been involved in the songwriting process. She is a great songwriter herself and a sounding board for songs I am writing. I love writing songs with her and I look forward to sharing many more songs that she has written and we have written together. I am so glad that God has placed Michelle in my life. She is an amazing wife, partner, songwriter and friend. 

The song turned out great so we wanted to share it with you! Here we are at Kids on a Mission Camp 2013 with the kids from FBC Frisco in the debut of "Fear Not!"  


AuthorJustin Graves