I wanted to take a few minutes this week and let you know about an amazing company based right here in San Antonio that is making a global impact. Our good friends, Lisa and Louis deBonoPaula, have created a unique product that is being used in elementary schools, churches and businesses around the world. Spirit Sticks are a small, simple and lasting way to encourage participation, reward success and serve as a reminder of achievement. 
We have created Spirit Sticks and key rings unique to JGB and use the sale of these items to help fund our I Am Courageous ministry's donation of encouraging and uplifting music to kids fighting life threatening disease. 
Take a moment and watch this short video that will give you a little insight to where Spirit Sticks came from and the desire to create a fun, unique and memorable product.

You can purchase the JGB Spirit Sticks at any of our live events or on our website www.JustinGravesBand.com/store and to learn more about how to place a custom order for your school, church or business visit www.SpiritMonkey.com  Thanks for hanging out with me today!
(On a side note, I am the one who produced and created this video for Spirit Monkey! If you need a simple video to highlight your ministry or business, feel free to contact me! Justin@JustinGravesBand.com)

AuthorJustin Graves