Back in September we had the opportunity to lead the chapel for the elementary students at Lake Country Christian School near Ft. Worth. We had an amazing time! The kids sang with us and were such a blast to hang out with, but that is not what made the biggest impact. During chapel each week there is a time for the children to bring their offering down to the front and place it in a basket. Watching the kids bring their change in little offering bags was incredibly moving. We spoke to Mrs. Chessher, the leader in charge, and asked about the offering. She told us that the kids work and save all week so that they have something to put in the offering. They understand that their offering is being used to help missionaries around the world and they want to give all that they can. Instead of using this money for themselves they choose to put it in the offering. This simple act of sacrifice was so beautiful.

     This time of year is synonymous with bigger is better, more, more, more and “I want! I want!” It is easy to get caught up in this way of thinking with all the amazing sales and new shiny things that are released at Christmas. We have been talking through how to manage this feeling with our family and make sure our focus is in the right place, when our 10 year old nephew, Reid, had a brilliant revelation. “What if I went to the store and bought something that I really want, like a cool Lego set, and instead of keeping it, gave it away to someone who can't afford something like that!” Wow! That would be a BIG sacrifice because Reid LOVES Legos!

     This Christmas season I want to encourage you, and myself, to look for ways to give sacrificially. This is not something that comes naturally for me. I tend to be very inward focused and selfish. So will you join me in looking for ways to give sacrificially this year. Whether it is time, money or gifts, let's work together to make a difference this Christmas. I want you to check back in with me to find out how it is going and I will do the same for you! Please let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page! Thanks for hanging out with me today!  

AuthorJustin Graves