Last week we spent some time in LA. On Tuesday were introduced to a cool little vibe-y coffee house called Aroma Coffee and Tea. While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, we walked around and were taking in all the sights and smells of this amazing place and having fun people watching. I saw a group of older gentlemen sitting at the tables on the sidewalk and they looked like they had been coming there everyday for the last 30 years or so, laughing, enjoying their coffee and talking about life. Having nothing to loose, I walked up to them and said, “You look like you have been here before, what's good?” They turned around, a bit startled at first, but immediately started telling us all their favorites. They all had something to say, which drink they liked what pastry they enjoyed, but one thing kept coming up, BACON! They all said we MUST try the bacon! One of the guys, Mike, even told us that they sometimes have bacon Fridays, when they all get a big plate of bacon and savor the delicious treat!

Well, we found our friends and just got a coffee and tea since we had already eaten breakfast and hung out and enjoyed our time together. As we were chatting, Mike came over just to see how we were enjoying our coffee and saw we didn't have any bacon. He told us that next time we must try some! We all laughed and said we would. When it was time to leave we passed the group of guys, said goodbye to them and were reminded that next time we must get the bacon. Wow! It really must be amazing for them to keep telling us about it!

The next day we had a meeting at Aroma again, this time in the evening. No, we did not get the bacon that time either. Just some coffee, tea and an amazing cupcake. We looked for our new friends but they were not there since it was evening. We went on our way and thought we must remember next time we are in LA we must come try the bacon!

As fate would have it we left something at the coffee house and had to go pick it up on our way to the airport on Friday. We had a little bit of time before we had to be at the airport so we thought we would sit for a minute and have a cup of tea. Lo and behold, can you guess who was there? Yep! Mike and the rest of the crew! As we walked up we all said hello and laughed about seeing each other there twice in one week and you will never guess what they told us that morning. You got it! “You must get the bacon!” We went in and ordered our tea and found a cozy spot to sit for a few minutes, when suddenly Mike comes and puts an order number on our table. Confused, we turned around and he tells us that we cannot leave town without trying the bacon and he saw that we had not ordered any food this time so he ordered some for us. What?!? Are you kidding me? A man we hardly know, takes it upon himself to buy us a plate full of bacon! All we did was say hi three days ago! He didn't know us. He had nothing to prove or gain. He just wanted to be kind!

It might sound strange, but the simple act of buying strangers some bacon was a blessing from God. Mike just wanted to give us something that he thought was wonderful. He took his time and money and gave us a gift that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I have no idea if Mike is a Christ Follower, but I can tell you that one act of kindness spoke volumes of Christ's love.

I want to challenge you this week to be like Mike. It doesn't have to be a huge grandiose gesture. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. It can be as simple as a plate of bacon. This week ask God to give you the opportunity to show His kindness and love to someone in an uncommon way.

I want to hear how it goes. Please be sure to come back and leave a comment here or on our Facebook page with your story! I'm a little hungry now...who's up for a plate of bacon?

AuthorJustin Graves