This week Michelle and I had the opportunity to go to Austin to help Michelle's aunt clean out a storage barn they have on their property. It was dirty and dusty, but it was so much fun going through old pictures and furniture and seeing pieces of the past. On the property is also a heard of Longhorn. They are beautiful and majestic creatures, such gentle giants! As we worked in the barn they spent the day wandering through the pasture, eating hay and just hanging out.

   After lunch, while we were sorting through more memories, it began to rain. We all huddled in the barn waiting for it to pass, then we see the longhorn headed our way. They didn't like the rain either!

   While we tried to stay warm and dry in the barn, we watched and listened to the longhorn and it reminded me of the first Christmas and how bizarre and strange it must have been to be surrounded by all the animals in the stable. Just walking among the giant longhorns can be intimidating and a little nerve racking, so I can't imagine having a baby right there in the middle of them! But how beautiful is that picture! The Bible tells us that all of creation declares the glory of God, so what better way to enter the world than right in the middle of it, surrounded by all the stinky, loud and hungry creatures! The animals worship God, their Creator, with everything they do. They bring glory to God just by existing!

   So, I want to challenge you this Christmas, whenever you see a bird, dear, dog, cow, sheep or any animal, to be reminded to give God glory in everything you do. The way you act, speak, think and interact with the rest of God's creation should honor God, just like the animals do. Let's declare God's glory this Christmas and be like the animals on the first Christmas night, proclaiming the birth of our Savior! Come on now, everyone together...MOOOOO!

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AuthorJustin Graves