Summer is right around the corner. It's the time of year that's full of family vacations, church camps, VBS, and all sorts of fun and wonderful activities! When you're on vacation or have just had a full week of activities it can be easy to just sleep in on Sunday and not go to church. And that is totally OK! But what if you still want to worship with your family or "go to church" wherever you are? Here are a few simple family worship ideas!

 When you hear the phrase “Family Worship” what do you think of? Do you picture you and your kids sitting around the living room lighting candles and singing Kumbaya? Maybe you see yourself and the family cruising down the highway singing at the top of your lungs. Or visiting a neighbor that is sick? Or even spending time together volunteering at the food bank. How about a dance party that breaks out in your back yard? It could even be the few minutes before bed time that you take and pray together.

There is not a right and a wrong way to do Family Worship. There is no formula or script you need to follow. Family Worship can take on many forms and may look different every time you do it, what matters is that you are spending time together focusing on God and what He has done and is doing for us. You can even turn a trip to the park into a Family Worship time by exploring and taking time to thank Him for the amazing creation you are enjoying.

Family Worship doesn't have to be something mystical and “churchy.” It can be planned or spontaneous. It can be loud and expressive or quiet and meditative. It doesn't matter how you do it, what matters it that you, your kids and family take some time to spend with God. Look for those moments throughout your day to focus on God. Take a few minutes and point your kids to God's goodness and love and show them how to worship Him in everything that you do.

Family Worship, give it a try! I would love to hear how your family worships together. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!