We are always on the go. There is always something we are planning for or heading to. Thankfully, God has given us the opportunity to do what He has called us to do as a family! However, that does mean we are together 24/7. We all love that we get to spend every moment of every day together, but sometimes, if we are not careful, we can make every day, all day, a work day. With that in mind, Michelle has been making sure that we carve out some special family time just to hang out and do something fun. It is such a blessing to just escape for a while and focus on each other and having fun together.

    Last Friday we took some time to go see Kirk Cameron's new movie, “Saving Christmas.” We had seen so much publicity about it on Facebook and we have always enjoyed his movies, we decided that would be our family outing. Since Kirk had been personally posting videos about the movie, Michelle had a great idea to have Gabi do a video telling Mr. Cameron how excited she was to go see the movie and what she thought of it. BRILLIANT!!!! We took a quick video, Gabi did an amazing job, off the cuff, very articulate and we posted it on Facebook and tagged Kirk Cameron. We had no idea if he would ever see it, we just thought it was fun!

    Well, lo and behold, Monday afternoon Kirk Cameron posted Gabi's video on his page! WHAT!?! Kirk Cameron knows who Gabi is!?! Now, who knows if it is really him posting, but we are so proud of our Gabi girl! It is amazing what can happen when you take a chance and be bold! It has been so exciting to see what God is doing in and through our sweet Gabriella.

    So what is my take on this crazy 15 minutes of fame? Well, I want to encourage you to take some time as a family to do something that takes your mind off of work or gets out you out of your regular routine. It can be as simple as taking a walk together or playing a game as a family. There are some great family movies this time of year as well, so you could make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch and escape for a few hours. It is great to just enjoy each others company, hear each other laugh and listen to each others thoughts and dreams. Another take away from this crazy adventure is, that God has big plans for each and every one of us. We will never know what God has in store for us if we never take that first step. He wants us to be bold and confident through Him. He will be with us on the journey, but we have to trust His guidance!
    So go on, plan some time together with family or friends. Make time for the special people in your life and go have fun! I would love to hear what you do as a family or with friends to escape the “every day.” Post a comment here or on our Facebook page by clicking HERE. and incase you haven't seen Kirk Cameron's post about Gabi and want to check it out, click HERE. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for hanging out with me today!

AuthorJustin Graves