There is nothing in the world quite like it. It is the topic of every great song, story and movie. As a child you learn that it is unconditional. As an adult you learn how to use it to your advantage. It is the reason for great rejoicing and tremendous heartbreak. The Beatles told us that is all we need, Robert Palmer was addicted to it, and Huey Lewis told us all about it's power. By now you probably realize that I am talking about LOVE. This weekend we celebrate a holiday dedicated to love. We buy flowers, candy and jewelry and spend money on fancy meals all to show someone how much we “love” them.

Love was an important topic to Jesus as well. As we read through the Gospels we can see that Jesus spent a majority of his time talking about love. When he was asked what was the most important law, his response was, “Love!” The one thing he told his disciples to do more than an thing else was, “Love each other.”

I am all for love, but the thing that I have to remember is that Jesus wasn't saying to just love your friends or the people who agree with you, he wants us to love everyone! He asks us to love our enemy, our neighbor, our grocery store checker, the guy that cut you off on the highway, our co-workers, our rival school, and even the person that took the last box of Valentine chocolates. But here's the kicker, He didn't tell us to love to each other only one day a year, He asks us to love each other ALL the time. Even when you don't feel like it. He does tell us that he will help us love those around us, all we have to do is ask! He will fill us with His love so that we can make this world a better place.

I want to challenge us all this week to step out of our comfort zones and show love to someone who you wouldn't normally think of. I'm not talking about sending a Valentine card or candy, what I mean is just showing kindness and sharing God's love. I know, that may be a tall order for some, but I want to encourage you to live out what Jesus called us to do in John 15:12, “Love one another, the way that I have loved you.”

I would love to hear how it goes! Please be sure to come back and leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and tell us your story! Thanks for hanging out with me today!  

AuthorJustin Graves