Summer is upon us, and with Summer comes all the fun of camps, VBS and tons of exciting opportunities to teach kids about Jesus. One of our favorite ways to engage kids is through music. No matter what age a person is, music speaks to the soul. We have all seen the video of the kid in the car seat when her favorite song, “Gangnam Style” comes on. (If you haven't, click here, it's pretty funny.) Yes, this is a silly example, but it shows us how much influential music is even at a young age.

So, this Summer as we prepare to engage the kids at camp through music, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time with them.

  1. Have a PLAN
    If you want to make sure that you keep everybody's attention, make sure you know what you are doing when you get up there. People, especially kids, can usually tell if you are just making it up as you go. When you are unprepared and are choosing songs on the fly there is potential for “dead air” which can lead to loosing people's attention. If you come prepared, you will be able to execute with excellence and confidence and have a great time while leading!

  2. Have a PURPOSE
    Music is a valuable teaching tool and we should use it effectively! There are a ton of fun songs out there, but since we have just a limited amount of time in front of the kids don't spend valuable time singing songs like “Pharaoh Pharaoh” or others like that. You can sing those songs out on the rec field or at lunch or at the pool. There are plenty of fun action songs that also teach Scripture and Biblical truths. Let's use the time we have in front of the kids to teach them about God's Love and plant the Word of God deep in their heart!

  3. Have a POSSE
    Your posse is your team and the other adults / sponsors in the room. It is almost impossible to engage every kid from the stage, so, it is important to have your team of leaders among the kids, singing and doing the actions with you. If your kids see all the adults sitting in the back talking and not paying attention what behavior do you think they will model? It is also up to you to convey to the other leaders how important it is that they participate! When the adults can get out of their comfort zones, have fun and be silly, the kids will too!

Those are just a few easy things to remember as you are leading worship for kids this Summer. It's not rocket science but it does take a little planning an a whole lot of teamwork!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other tips you would like to share! Leave them in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Thanks for hanging out with me today!  

AuthorJustin Graves