Well, it's been about a year since my last blog post. I wish I could say that it is because we have been so busy or have been on the road or recording a new album, but I can't say any of that. It all comes down to me not taking the time to sit down for a few minutes and share my thoughts and what God is teaching me. I have had plenty of encouragement and prodding to share what is going on in my brain, but I have just not made it a priority. God has placed a call on our lives to share the gifts and talents He has given us and I have not been honoring Him by not using all the resources available to share these gifts. Yes we travel, write songs and lead worship, but God has given us some great insight into leading worship, how music can be used as a teaching tool, ways to connect with your congregation no matter what the age and the power music has to encourage and strengthen our relationship with God.

So, now, I am going to pledge to you that I will be consistent in my blogging. I will share the things God is teaching us, let you know what is going on within our ministry, encourage & teach, all while having a little fun along the way. Some of the things I will talk about you may already know or may be second nature to you, but my hope is that somewhere out there God will take these simple words and thoughts and use them for His glory.

I'm not really sure how to begin again, so we will just jump on in! Thank you for taking time to hang out with me. If you ever have any questions or comments please be sure to send them my way!

Stay tuned....More to come!

AuthorJustin Graves