You have probably seen them. Those big, nasty, black birds sitting on the highway. As we were driving to camp last week we came across about six or seven of them having lunch. Yes, there was a large dead animal on the side of the road that they were feasting on. As we approached, Gabi mentioned that she did not like these birds because they are ugly and gross. As we talked about what they are and what purpose they serve we realized that there are some things in this world that we don't understand, but that we should be thankful for. Like the buzzards. Can you imagine if they didn't exist how much stinky road kill there would be just rotting on the side of the road! YUCK! 
Well, after that conversation I kept thinking about the buzzards and the other strange things in God's creation. I decided to write a song about it and this is what came out. Hope you enjoy!


AuthorJustin Graves