I live in San Antonio, Texas. I was born here, I grew up here, I have lived here all my life. If you have ever been to San Antonio or know someone who is from here you know there are two things that we will talk about with a passion!

First, we have GREAT Mexican food. If you Google "Mexican Restaurant" when you are in S.A. you will see that there is a taco stand or a Mexican restaurant on EVERY corner.  Michelle and I have a few that we keep in heavy rotation and then there are those that we must to take out of town visitors to. Some of the best are those little mom and pop places that seat about 12 people where you can see Abuela (that's Spanish for Grandma) in the back making the tortillas! YUM! Nothing like a plate full of fajitas and black beans to satisfy the empty tummy! I am getting hungry just talking about it! 

Second, we are very passionate about our sports. Whether it is little legue baseball, high school football, or any college sport we are fanatics! But more than any of those we LOVE our Spurs! Yes, I know that every city that has an NBA team loves their team, but there is something about the Spurs and their organization that just gets inside of you that is contagious. They may not be the flashiest team or, as many have said this year, the youngest team, but they are a TEAM. That is what is so great about them. Everybody knows their roll. No one is trying to make a name for themselves, they just want the TEAM to do great. They have great players, some of the best in history, but they are not loud and boisterous about it, they quietly do their job and consistently find a way to win. 

Manu Ginobili is an amazing ball handler and can juke just about anyone out of their shoes. That means he makes you think he is going to do one thing, then does exactly the opposite of what you though he was going to do. I am now going to give you what Jon Acuff (the "Stuff Christians Like" guy) calls a "Jesus Juke". I am going to take something from everyday life and apply a God-ism to it. Here it goes...

When you look at the Spurs roster you can see that everyone has a roll to play. Not everyone can do everything. There are guys like Tony Parker who run the team helping control the tempo and style of each game. Tim Duncan bangs around under the basket grabbing rebounds and making bank shots like they are candy. Kawhi Leonard hangs out around the 3 point line waiting for the perfect opportunity to drop one in from way outside. If every player tried to play every position it would be chaos on the court. Now, if we look at the Spurs as a team, it looks very similar to the body of Christ. (There it is the "Jesus Juke!") We as Christ-followers all have different gifts, but work together to glorify God and make Him known. Some of us are the hands and feet, others the eyes and ears and still others the elbows and knees, but none of us can work well without the other.  The body of Christ is a team! 


So am I saying that the Spurs are God's team? No. Are they a great, tangible example of how Christ-followers can work together and make a difference? For sure! As the Spurs have made their way through the playoffs and now are on their way to winning their 5th NBA Championship, watch them closely. Watch how they "work together for the good of Coach Pop" and play with a team mentality so that it is the team that comes out on top not just one person. 

Now, as you settle in with your puffy tacos and your ice cold Dr. Pepper to watch the Spurs win, let me hear you cheer... GO SPURS GO! Come on, say it with me now, GO SPURS GO! That's it! Louder! 

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AuthorJustin Graves