30,000 miles, 6 states, 2 countries in 4 months...check it out!

What a start to 2013!

We are finally home after 4 months of travel! Here is a wrap up...

Janurary- we got to exhibit at 3 Children's Pastor Conferences (in FL, MO and AL).  We met some wonderful new churches and we got to share our music with a bunch of new people!  Excited to see where these new contacts will lead! 
We led at a different church every Sunday this month...some old and some new.


February- this month started out with another Children's Ministry Conference in Austin, TX (much closer to home!)  We had the opportunity to get on stage and show a bit of what we do...which is always helpful in getting bookings!
We led at a few local churches in the first 2 weeks and then....
Off to Australia we flew!  We went there to work with Warnbro Community Church just outside of Perth, WA (Western Australia).  It was a 20 hour flight to get there and worth every second!  The church is filled with amazing people who welcomed us in with open arms in every way possible!  From providing a home for us to stay in, cars for us to drive, grocery money, dinners with new friends and so much more we felt right at home the second we landed!  We worked with the 3 different worship teams and their leaders at WCC teaching about worship and how to lead, how to interact with the congregation, sharing new songs and just getting an overall direction for the teams as a whole  It was such a blessing and honor to get to work with these wonderfully talented folks.  We played at a few different schools leading chapel for elementary, middle and high school.  We worked with another church's worship team for one night talking about leading worship, blending as a team and much more.  We went to a waterpark, fed kangaroos, pet a koala, ate lots of amazing food,celebrated Gabi's 7th b-day, walked on the beach and sunrise and sunset, saw wild dolphins in the ocean, touched the most south/western corner of Australia, celebrated Justin's 38th b-day, laughed a lot, cried a little, sang a ton, cherished every moment and pray we were able to make a small difference.  Our precious friends, Amy and Ryan Laden, are the ones who brought us over to work with their church and we are forever thankful for this opportunity!  If you ever get the chance...GO TO AUSTRALIA...it is worth it! (oh and if you want to see pics just head to our website...there are a ton! www.justingravebsand.com )

March- well we arrived home after 6 weeks in Australia just in time for Easter!  We were asked to return to FBC Marble Falls to lead their Children's Easter service and it was a blast!  Then it was time to wash clothes, and hit the road again....April was coming and there was more travel ahead.

April- we kicked this month off with another Children's Pastors Conference...this time in TN.  Then headed over to Batesville, AR that night to lead 3 Sunday AM services and do a Family Worship Concert.  The rest of the month put us in a different church every week again!  South TX, Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX. too.  Justin traveled solo for an entire weekend doing 2 Family Worship Nights and 1 Sunday AM service...all in different places.  He was solo because Michelle had semi-emergency surgery to remove a tumor and her right ovary.  All is well and she is recovered (thanks to a lot of wonderful care from her family!) and back on the road! The last week in April we attended the Orange Conference in Atlanta.  There were 6000 pastors in attendance and we had a great time meeting new people, sharing our Lyric Video DVD's with them and making some great new contacts across the country!

So as you can see...this spring has been full of travel, new people and places, many opportunities to share our music, and lots of new exciting things are in the works for the Summer and Fall...stay tuned!  

AuthorJustin Graves