So you may or may not know that we have been away from home for a while lately. Ok not just away from home, but on the complete other side of the world! Yeah, we have spent the last 5 weeks in Perth, Australia! We have had the privilege of working with Warnbro Community Church. We were hired by the church to come lead worship and work with their amazing worship team. It has been very rewarding and the chance of a lifetime to get to spend so much time in such a beautiful part of God's creation!

Well, when we first planed our trip we knew that we would have a busy schedule. That is what we wanted! We told Ryan, the pastor, and the team that we wanted to be used as much as possible, that is why we were coming! However, I did think that we would have a bit of time to ourselves. I had grand plans of writing songs, working on videos and really digging in to some books I have been wanting to read. I even told Michelle on the plane while crossing the ocean that I had a goal of writing 5 new songs while we are here. Wow did I miscalculate! We have been so busy (in a good way) that I have had no time to accomplish any of the personal goals I had set for myself!

Ok...let me correct myself...I didn't MAKE the time. I know that I am the one in control of my schedule and in charge of how I spend my time, but it has felt like we have been on the go since we hit the ground! It has been absolutely amazing! I wouldn't change a thing, but wow have we been B-U-S-Y!  

Michelle found this video about writing worship songs last week and I thought maybe I could learn a thing or two and really stream-line my song writing process. Take a look...

Let me know if you think I should follow these simple steps when writing our next song! Feel free to leave your comments here or on our FB page Be sure to check out the pics from our trip on FB  as well as in our photo gallery 

AuthorJustin Graves