So, I am a night owl. I enjoy staying up late. Michelle, however, is usually asleep by about 9:30 or so. So I watch a lot of late night T.V. Last week on the Late Show with David Letterman they had an Elvis Presley tribute week. They had multiple Elvis impersonators on the show doing what they do best...Elvis Presley. They had won all sorts of awards from the Elvis Presley impersonator society and were currently touring the world doing their Elvis impersonation to thousands of people! What a gig, huh? Pretend to be someone else and tell the world about it. To be able to do that well you have to immerse yourself in all Elvis-ness. Dress like him, eat like him, do your hair like him, talk like him, sing like him, or no one will believe you are him. There were a few impersonators on the show that I thought, "Ok that's a good impression." But there were a couple that I thought "Wow! That really could be Elvis!" 

I was thinking how amazing it is that there are people out there who dedicate their life to living as someone else. Their own identity is gone and now they have become someone else. It reminded me of a verse in Galatians "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."

Instead of imitating some one here on earth who has no eternal value, we should become imitators of Christ, letting Him live through us so whenever someone looks at us they see Christ. Our whole identity should be in Christ. How we live, how we dress, how we act, how we talk...all should all reflect Him. 

Am I perfect at this? No way! But this is something that we can all strive to do everyday. We can encourage each other, pray for each other and build each other up in a way that imitates Christ.


I just wanted to share what has been bouncing around in my head the last few days. I would love to hear what you think! Feel free to post them here or on our FB page www.facebook.com/justingravesband  Have a great week and remember..."It's one for the money...Two for the show...Three to get ready now go cat go!" (sung in my best Elvis voice!)

AuthorJustin Graves