So you would think by the way Michelle and I have been traveling lately that we are living the life of a rock star. In the last 2 weeks we have been in 6 airports and traveled all across the Mid-West and South-East. It has been amazing! We have met some incredible people and have been able to tell so many new friends about our ministry and what God is doing in us and through us.


On our flight from San Antonio to St. Louis something interesting happend. Typically Michelle and I like to sit toward the middle of the plane, around the wing area, but this time we knew we had a very short time to get from one plane to the next at our layover in Dallas so we sat close to the front. As we were getting situated and watching the last of the passengers board one of the flight attendants noticed something. She immediately contacted the other flight attendant at the back of the plane and it was fascinating to watch the series of events unfold. We were just to far back to hear what was being said, but we could tell that the flight crew had a close eye on one of the passnegers. They contacted the gate crew and were not letting the plane leave the gate just yet. We watched and tried to piece together what was happening, then suddenly things shifted. The head flight attendant called to the back and said "Ok, get him off!" One of the other flight attendants came forward escorting one of the passengers off and handed him to security. WOW! How crazy was that! 

The crew got settled and everything proceeded as normal and we got in the air as usual. As the flight attendants brought by drinks and peanuts I thanked them for keeping us safe and being aware of what was going on. She just smiled and told us that was her job and that we can't be to careful these days. We thanked her again and enjoyed our Dr. Pepper and water.

We arrived at our destination safely with no more issues and were grateful that the Southwest Airline crew had our back! Southwest is so easy to work with, always on time and takes great care of their customers, so, I just wanted to give a little shout out to our favorite airline. See you again soon! 

AuthorJustin Graves