This week I get to celebrate an amazing woman! I wanted to take just a few minutes to brag on my incredible wife, Michelle. Everyday I learn more about her and continue to be amazed at how she is able to be a wife, mom, friend, business owner/runner, book keeper, gig scheduler, grocery shopper, and meal cooker all while keeping everything in order, making sure we are all where we are supposed to be and keeping a smile on her face. 

Eleven years ago we re-kindled a friendship that has continued to grow into something so special and amazing. I can't imagine my life with out her. She is constantly encouraging, supporting, challenging and loving me in everything I do. I know that I am a better man because of her.  We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past May and this weekend, Friday Sept. 28th,  she has a very special birthday! Most women I know don't like to tell their age, but as Michelle says, "I'd rather be older than dead!" (Good point.) She is turning...wait for it...wait for it....yep the big 4-0!

If you would take just a second and wish her a happy birthday on our facebook page I know that would make her day! Click here to go to our fan page.

Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time to tell you about this special woman! 
Happy Birthday my sweet Michelle!

If you have known Michelle for more than a few months you know that her hair and look are ever-changing. I have included a few pics that showcase her many hair styles over the last several years. 

AuthorJustin Graves