In February of 2012 we met an amazing 4 year old boy named Jaxon Davis. Jaxon had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was undergoing treatment. While at the hospital Jaxon realized that there were kids there who needed toys and things to make them more comfortable while in the hospital getting their treatments, so Jaxon started giving away his own toys. He didn't take the old worn out and used stuff that he didn't want anymore, he wanted to give away his new toys. He wanted the other kids to have the best of what he had! 

With his parents, Cory and Lenzie, fully on board they launched into raising money to purchase more toys and making gift packages for the kids at the hospital. Even in the middle of his own battle, Jaxon was thinking of others and how he could help make a difference in their lives.  Everything Jaxon did was dedicated to Loving God by Loving Others. He knew that he could show God's love by being His hands and feet here on earth. This spoke right to our heart and we knew that we had to partner with this amazing family!

When we met the Davis Family and learned about Jaxon's battle with cancer, we wanted to share our song "Strong and Courageous" with them. Jaxon loved the song and he and his family made it one of their family theme songs! Jaxon even decided he wanted to include our Live to Love CD, which has the song "Strong and Courageous" on it, in the gift packages he gave out at the hospitals. We have been so honored to partner with Team Jaxon and the Davis family! 

On November 25th 2012, after a long battle with this horrible disease,  Jaxon Davis earned his angel wings. Even in his passing,  he is still making a difference. There have been thousands of people following his story and learning from an amazing 5 year old boy that even in the middle of seemingly hopeless circumstances, we can still have a positive outlook on life. Jaxon never put himself first. His default was to think of and pray for others who he knew were in need. He always was looking for a way to make other peoples lives better and help them in their own journey. 

We are honred that we were able to get to know Jaxon and his family, and look forward to continuing to partner with Team Jaxon to help make a difference in peoples lives.

Jaxon Davis was an amazing boy! I hope that I grow up to be like him some day.

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For more on Jaxon's story you can go to  and find out how you can be a part of Team Jaxon to help make this world a better place. 

AuthorJustin Graves