For some time now, Michelle and I have been feeling like something big is on the horizon. That there is something that we need to be preparing for. For a while we just thought we were making it up, but God has continued to encourage us and confirm in us that we are on the right track. We are in our 12th year of ministry and have seen a lot of ebb and flow through the years, but all the while trusting that God will take us and use us where He wants us. We know that God has given us great songs and stories that He wants us to share and we can't wait to see what happens! 

God has given us some big dreams for next year. Dreams that we know have only come from Him. We are in the process of raising money so that we can create lyric videos for our songs, go to 7 Children's and Family Pastors Conferences, write 36 new songs to go along with a widely used curriculum, and continue to book family worship concerts and lead worship at churches all across the country! WOW! Just a few things going on, huh?!?

We have already registered for 2 of the conferences which will take place in January, one in St. Louis, MO. and the other in Orlando, FL. Our hope is that we will be able to share our stories and songs with the pastors that attend and that they will use our music with their children's and family ministries. 

I wanted to share just a sneak peek at one of the lyric videos so you know what we are talking about. We are starting with songs from our 'Live to Love' CD, which is our Family Worship CD, and have plans to do videos for songs from our 'Heart Open Wide' and 'hymns' CDs as well!  Chad Overman at Light the World Productions is doing an amazing job putting these videos together! Check it out! 

We are so excited to keep you up to date and share with you and all that is going on with the JGB! Stay tuned and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and like us on Facebook because that is where we will be posting and keeping you up to date with the latest news.

We have no idea what God has in store for our ministry, but we know He has big plans! He has given us BIG dreams! We know it will be a wild ride and we excited to see where God takes us!

AuthorJustin Graves