So this morning Michelle gave me another song challenge. "Go write for 2 hours and see what you come up with."
I said OK and went into the back room and went to work. Nothing was clicking. Nothing was coming out right. Then it hit me...and out came this song. 

I started thinking about who I am and who God made me and how I those two things don't always match up. The last line of the chorus really hits home for me. it says "Now I've got to live up to who I am"  I want to live up to who God created me to be!

So I came out of the back room and showed Michelle and Gabi. They loved it! Michelle videoed it so we could share it with you. This is just me in our kitchen. We hope you enjoy! And remember...Be who God created you to be!

Let us know what you think! Feel free to post your comments on our Facebook fan page . Thanks so much! Have a great week!

AuthorJustin Graves