I don't know when it started or why I decided that it would be better, but lately I have been talking WAY to much. For some reason I think that I need to talk more than I sing. When we go to lead worship or do a Family Worship Night, I spend more time talking than singing. I know that when God called me, He called me as a musician, a worship leader NOT a preacher. I tried that a long time ago and it didn't go well at all!. I know that God has given me songs to write and the talent to play music, so why have I taken the talking route lately?

If you have ever spent any time with me, you will know that I can take forever to get to the point of a story. I will tell you every detail and boring little fact that I can think of and eventually I will get to the point of the story. Fun for me because I get to hear myself talk, bad for you because you have to listen to me go on and on about something, and may never get to the point.

We are constantly trying to get better and improve what we do, and we have been working on our Family Worship Night, trying to create a time of story and song that will connect with the audience. As we have been doing this I have been trying to write out my thoughts and create a set list that features songs from all of our CDs that doesn't seem like just a bunch of random songs thrown together. After looking at the first draft, Michelle commented that yet again I am talking way to much! “What are people coming for?” she asked. And I realized that they are not there to hear me blab on they are there for the music, the story told through song. I was frustrated at myself, so I started doing some research and watching and listening clips of concerts of my favorite artists, and you know what... Michelle was right (like she usually is). The reason I go to a concert is to hear the artists heart through their music, not to hear them talk aimlessly about random stuff.

So, I have gone back to the drawing board. I have come to the conclusion (with some help) that God has given me great songs, and that people want to hear those songs, not me talking. I know that God has called me to sing and lead worship through music and that is what I will do...I will shut up and sing!

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AuthorJustin Graves