We recently have added a new family member
! Gabi has been wanting a puppy for a long time and this Christmas Santa came early! Our new puppy's name is Jingle Bell and it has been so much fun to watch Gabi as they are playing and learning how to handle a dog! She is a great 'Big Sister' and LOVES playing with her new friend.
The other day I was in the kitchen and Gabi and Jingle Bell were in the living room playing and all I could hear was Gabi giggling and laughing and having so much fun! I just had to stop for a minute and listen to the pure joy coming from the other room. I love that sound! As a dad it made my heart so happy!
It made me start thinking about some of my other favorite sounds, so I have put a list together - in no particular order. Enjoy!

Gabi playing with her puppy, Jingle Bell
The opening guitar lick on U2's "All Because of You"
The crack of a baseball bat when it hits a home run
Thunder storm when going to sleep
Children singing
Opening a Dr. Pepper
The cheer of a crowd when their team wins the 'big' game
New strings on my guitar
Meat cooking on the grill
Stillness of the house when I first wake up
Lawn mowers on a Saturday afternoon
Bob Dylan playing the harmonica

I would love to know what some of your favorite sounds are! Let me know on our Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/justingravesband !

AuthorJustin Graves