Hello.  My name is Justin and I am an ice chewer.

     Chewing ice has become an obsession. All I think of day and night, is where can I get my next cup of ice to crunch and chomp.  I like the way it feels...I like the sound of it...I like the tongue numbing cold...I like the release of tension it gives me.  I have my own rating system of where I can get the best ice to chew.  I even have down to a science how long to let the ice sit and how much liquid it needs for optimal chewing depending on where I get the ice.  Chewing ice is my obsession.  It is my only vice. (Well, I guess except for Dr. Pepper, but that's not bad for me, right!?!)
     I have been an ice chewer for most of my life.  I did it off and on when I was growing up, and even stopped for a while, but here in recent years it has taken over my life. I have heard time and time again how bad it is for my teeth, or that I need more Iron in my diet, or that it is just not socially acceptable, but that doesn't stop me.  I spend so much time chewing ice thinking about chewing ice, that Michelle (my wife) has become concerned.  She has asked me over and over to stop, and I try, but I just can't seem to get a hold of it.  I have woken her up by digging in the freezer to get a cup of ice.  I have even taken my cup of ice in the other room so that she wont hear me chomping on it.  It is taking over my life.  As I sit here writing this I am deep into a large cup of wonderful Starbucks ice.
     I am realizing now, that if I spent as much time thinking about how can I worship and serve God today as I do on where my next cup of ice will come from, my day would look very different.  Instead of focusing on myself and my desires, I would be focusing on the people around me and how God could use me.  I would be able to see a bigger picture...one that I am not the center of.  One where God would be guiding my day, not my search for the next cup of icy goodness.  I would also be a lot less cold.
     So, today I am making a vow to officially stop chewing ice.  Yes, I am going off ice cold turkey (or would it be warm turkey?)  I am choosing to spend my days differently.  Instead of obsessing about my next cup of ice and spending time chomping it down, I will choose to use that time focusing on God and how I can be used by Him. I will need His help in making this transition to a non ice chewer, and I know that I can trust in Him to help me make it through this.  It sounds like such a simple thing, but I know for me it will be a big change.
     OK. So here we go!  Last cube...crunch...chomp... BURRRR!
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