It is amazing to me how children can pick up on such deep truths when you don't even realize they are paying attention.  The other day Michelle and I were having a meeting with our pastor, Ken, from Heights Community Church, (where we lead worship on Sunday nights at 5pm at Alamo Heights UMC in San Antonio) about what is coming up in the next few weeks.  We were talking through the Summer, Fathers Day, what day we are going to do baptism, etc.  When Gabi turns to Michelle and says "I want to be baptized."  At first Michelle was thinking 'OK, how cute, I'm sure she doesn't understand, but I will humor her.' So she asked Gabi, "What does baptism mean?" and Gabi replies, "It's when you have decided to be a Christ follower and you want everyone to know about it."  Now, we have never talked about baptism with her or even discussed it really when she is around, so for her to come up with that on her own blew us away!
     As I have been thinking about that, and as we have had more conversation with her about baptism, I have realized how much people, and especially kids, pick up on the unspoken language we all use.  I have often talked about a phrase that St. Francis of Assisi once said, "Tell everyone you can about Christ, and if you have to use words."  As I live my life, are my actions and reactions pointing people to Christ or turning them away? Am I living in such a way that encourages people to want to know God's love?  Are the things that I say building up God's reputation or tearing it down. 
     It is amazing how much we say when we don't use words at all, and how much people pick up on the things we do say when we don't think anyone is listening.  I am challenging myself this week to be more aware of my words and actions. I hope you will join me in this!  
AuthorJustin Graves