The last several months have been CRAZY!!  We have been across Texas every way possible, to San Diego and Phoenix, all over Oklahoma, and now I sit in Western Australia.  Yes I said Australia!! This is the trip of a lifetime.  Michelle, Gabi and I have traveled half way across the globe to visit friends that now live in Perth, Australia and lead worship at the church they are here pastoring now.
     The most amazing thing that I have noticed as we have been traveling and leading worship in all these different places is; worshiping God unifies the Body of Christ.  It doesn't matter what location, denomination, church, event or song it is, if the purpose is to get together and worship our Savior, people will gather together and praise and sing and worship.  This has been so uplifting and encouraging to see.  We all have one purpose, and that is to love on the One who loves us most. 
     It has been incredible to be in so many different places and see how God is moving and working all around the world!  I am so thankful for this opportunity!  God is truly amazing! I can't wait to see what He has for us next!
AuthorJustin Graves
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