Referrals for the Justin Graves Band

Russell Page - Senior Pastor
Kaleo Community Church | Saginaw, TX (DFW Area) |

"Justin Graves Band is a band that loves Jesus and is excited about leading people to worship the One True God. The JG band has an infectious enthusiasm and truly enjoys ushering people into the joy of the Lord. If God inhabits the praises of His people then get ready to meet with the Spirit of the Living God when Justin and the band take the stage. People at my church are still talking about them."

J'nevelyn Lloyd - Director of Family and Children's Ministries
Tarrytown UMC | Austin, TX |

"VBS at Tarrytown United Methodist Church in Austin, TX has been taken to another level with the music leadership of the Justin Graves Band. Before they started helping us with live music, we used the CD/DVD that came with the package. Our VBS music is so much better now! We won't go back because kids and adults love Justin and Michelle. They will learn your music or they will work with you and share theirs. Justin will even write music for you like he did for us this year when we wrote our own curriculum.  God uses them in wonderful ways with all ages.  And yes, we are on the calendar for next July!"

Greg Berry – Worship Pastor
Gracepoint Church | San Antonio, TX |

“I had the Justin Graves Band come and lead worship for me and they did an excellent job in leading our people in worship – it was rich and authentic and our congregation of mostly 30s, 40s and 50s loved him. I would highly recommend that you hire Michelle and Justin to come and authentically lead your group in worship – whether children, youth, or adults, they will respond to the Spirit’s lead and draw them into His presence with a passion for Jesus that will go with them."

Matt Henslee – Family Pastor
Pipe Creek Community Church | Pipe Creek, TX |

“As a Pastor, one of my primary hopes is to see our church as one body. We desire to have our church family worship as they are...a family, as often as possible. That's why when I am considering bands for family worship nights, my short list is topped by the Justin Graves Band. This band truly seeks to honor God as they involve the lil' ones, the "seasoned" ones, and everyone in between. When I look across the worship center while they lead, I don't see the senior adults annoyed or the students bored...I see them all engaged, smiling, and worshiping with them! THAT'S why I will continue to use them again and again and think you should as well!"

Bryan Rogers
Asbury Theological Seminary | Wilmore, KY |

"Justin Graves is not only an excellent musician, he also loves the LORD and it shows in his style of worship. I believe if you ever need someone to lead worship for all ages, Justin is an excellent choice. He uses his music to convey a message of intentional worship and is, himself, intentional in how he worships. I would highly recommend the Justin Graves Band for any service or church function where the intention is to worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!"

Robert Armstrong – Principal
San Antonio Christian Schools | San Antonio, TX |

"The Justin Graves Band was outstanding! Their heart for the Lord combined with their musical talents provided a unique and blessed worship experience for all of our students"

Debbie Potter – Children’s Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church | San Antonio, TX |

"Justin and Michelle are dynamic worship leaders. They have tremendous energy and a vibrant Love for the Lord that shines through their music with a special giftedness with children. They not only provide incredible music and fun songs but they teach children how to truly worship God."

Camp Zephr
Sandia, TX |

"The main thing we admire about the Justin Graves Band is that every step of their day seems to be directed at bringing glory to God. The JGB seems to approach things from how thankful they are to be ministering with us. Also, they are not only willing to help in any way possible, they are actually skilled in many different facets of camp programming, so you can trust them to make the time you give them worth something. As far as energy is concerned, the entire group always seemed to have plenty of life available to exhibit energetic attitudes both onstage and off. We were impressed with the depth of the repertoire and the skill with which Justin and the band were able to deliver the music and the message. We look forward to partnering with them for many years."

Jan Smith – Children’s Minister
FBC | Breckenridge, TX |

"The Justin Graves Band is a pleasure to work with. They are true servants who do whatever is needed and they do an awesome job of engaging Tweeners (4th - 6th graders) in worship. They interacted with our campers at free time, meals and more. We were so pleased with the way the JGB involved the kids in worship. It was never “watch us worship”, but rather encouraged the kids to participate and they did because it was on their level. We can't wait to have them back for the 5th year!"

Kenny Conley - Next Gen Pastor
Gateway Church, Austin, TX

"Justin gets kids. He loves kids and they love him. From the stage he is aware of where the kids are and where they need to go in worship. When not on the stage, kids just want to hang out with him. So, if you're looking for a worship leader for an event, I stand behind Justin Graves for sure! You'll not regret it!"

Steven Gaither - Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church| Orange Grove, TX |

"There are a lot of talented bands available today. If you are looking for more than a talented band choose the Justin Graves Band. This crew loves Jesus Christ and loves to connect with people of all ages. They understand that their musical talents are a platform for connecting with people once they are off-stage. No matter the event, the Justin Graves Band will point to Jesus Christ and serve along side you in the Kingdom."

Donnie Anthony - Missions Pastor
Castle Hills FBC | San Antonio, TX |

"In over 30 years of serving in churches I have been privileged to work with many worship leaders but only a very few that can really take you to the throne every time they step up...Justin is one of those. I urge you to allow your people to enjoy the Lord with this anointed man."