Michelle Graves

Michelle was born for a life of ministry.  Even though she had NO idea this is what she would be doing most of her adult life, looking back God was giving her the tools and gifts she needed to live this life.  Growing up Michelle LOVED the stage.  Ask any of her friends still today and they will say the same.  But more then the stage she loves people.  She loves to make people smile, to lift their spirits, to make each person feel thought about and cared for…she has a big heart and knows God gave it to her for a reason!  Michelle also has the sickness of organization!  She does not just like to keep things organized…it is more like she gets excited when she has time to clean out closets or organize the merchandise boxes before they leave on a trip.  It is a good sickness that is a strength considering she is married to an artist!  This is what makes Justin and Michelle work!  God knew what He was doing when he matched these 2 up over 10 years ago!  They both love people, they love to make music together, and they compliment each other very well.  Michelle is wound tightly and loves things nice and neat.  Justin is laid back and a free spirit.  Though living and working together 24/7 is a challenge sometimes, they would not do this any other way.  These 2 love to be together and made a promise to each other when they married that as long as they were on the road ministering it would be together! That is what makes them such a great committed ministry!  

Michelle holds many roles in the ministry.  Some days she is finalizing contracts, sending new ones out, taking care of the details of a business, but also doing the mom/wife stuff too.  Other times you will see her running the words at gigs, setting up and running the merch table and all the while watching Gabi.  Still other times she will be the one on stage playing the bass.  Her roles are many and there is not one that she likes more then the other.  As long as she gets to be with her family on the road ministering through story and song that is where her heart is and that is where she is supposed to be.  What an amazing life!  So next time you see the JBG, stop by and meet Michelle…she will be waiting to give you smile and a hug!