Justin Graves

I was born into a strong Christian family who valued teaching and showing me God’s love on a daily basis. My parents knew I had a calling on my life from the moment I was conceived and prayed that I would know God and answer that call. My mom and dad are singers who traveled and performed at different churches. So naturally, when I was old enough I began singing with them. We would perform regularly at our home church and often traveled to other churches to perform. When I was ten, I accepted and welcomed Christ into my life on the way home from church. My parents prayed with me in the car making it a very special moment for all of us. The following week I made my acceptance public and was baptized on my eleventh birthday.

When I was fourteen my youth pastor came to me with a bass guitar and told me he wanted me to learn to play so that we could start a youth band. I had never played bass or guitar before, but I began teaching myself. Before we were able to begin the band, the youth minister left. However, from the moment I picked up the bass I had a passion for it that would continue to grow. I began playing with the main church orchestra and started a band with a few of my high school friends…we were called Wholehearted….oh yea!

By the time I was sixteen I had my life planned. I was going to go to college to become a meteorologist. Then one Wednesday night at church, after performing a drama to a song called “He Holds the Keys”, I heard God calling me to something very different. I heard Him telling me that I was to be a worship leader. I had no idea how that would happen or what that would look like, but the calling was so strong and I KNEW this was the voice of God speaking directly to me and I KNEW I needed to obey his calling. For Christmas that year I asked for a guitar and began learning how to play. I also became interested in learning to become a songwriter.  Over time, I was able to develop my own unique style. This was the beginning of my passion for writing praise and worship and also the beginning of answering the call on my life.

In 2002 I married my best friend, Michelle. We make such a great team. I know God brought us together for a very special purpose. When we got married we knew we wanted to do ministry together as long as God allowed. We began our ministry together in 2001 and it continues to grow today.  In 2006 God blessed us with our sweet little girl Gabriella. She has enhanced our ministry in so many ways we could never have imagined.   Traveling all across the country together ministering as a family is such a blast!  I love every minute of it!